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6 February 2020

The advance of Digital out of Home in 2020

The Netherlands stand out when it comes to Digital Out of Home. In 2020 the growth of this medium will accelerate because of the latest technological developments and ever increasing budgets of advertisers.

The advantages of digital screens

For years a transition has been going on in the Out of Home (OOH) branche from traditional analogous advertising to the digital version: Digital Out of Home (DOOH). Posters are replaced with screens, billboards by even larger screens. With all the advantages that go with them, for example:

  • Increased visibility because of background lighting, both during the day as the night
  • A more prominent message through the use of animation or video
  • Ad hoc response to circumstances and real-time adaption of the message to for example the weather or traffic
  • Simultaneously offering space to multiple advertisers on the same object
  • Content planning and channel management at the office from behind the desk

Strong increase in turnover for Digital Out of Home

In 2019 the turnover of digital outdoor advertising rose to 75 million euros. This means an increase in turnover of no less than 34%. This increase is mainly due to the growth of the amount of digital screens and a better occupancy of the screens. The advantages of digital are increasingly well assessed and advertisers are aimed at digital campaigns more and more. Campaigns for online and television are also basically suitable for DOOH which makes it even easier to employ this medium too.

Further growth of digital outdoor advertising in 2020

Also in 2020 it is expected that the total growth of outdoor advertising will continue, according to Outreach; a Dutch joint venture of several outdoor exploiters among which Centercom, Exterion Media and Ocean Outdoor. This growth will be further enhanced by replacing more and more traditional poster locations with digital screens, the growing availability of advertising supply and the ease of buying one’s own OOH-campaign via programmatic buying.

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