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25 June 2020

Digital Signage for VodafoneZiggo Kalverstraat

VodafoneZiggo will be opening a new store with a surface of over 200 m2 of retail area in the busiest shopping street in the Netherlands. VodafoneZiggo’s branch in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam city centre is all about the experience and the connection between the brands Vodafone and Ziggo. DooH Solutions & Services supplies the digital screens & media players, and provides for the management of narrowcasting software.

Seduction from the shopping street

From the shopping street shoppers are seduced into entering the store by two LED screens and two professional displays. The store is located in a listed building in which some of its original details are still visible. Because of the presence of two original ornaments in the shop window, the two four-metres-tall LED screens have been placed in a metal frame that surrounds the ornaments. The 55″ shop window screens have a high contrast and have the ability to output 4,000 Nits, which makes the content on the screen stand out even in case of direct sunlight.

Large screens for extra impact

Slightly further along in the store two 98″ screens are positioned along the sides. Each has a diagonal of almost 2.5 metres and a 4K resolution, resulting in considerable attention value. These “inspirational screens” show content varying from both Vodafone and Ziggo with mood content, commercials of new products, special offers and discounts. The content is displayed according to a predetermined campaign scheme and can, if required, be adjusted remotely by means of the right narrowcasting software.

A lounge corner has been created in the back of the store. From the lounge sofa you can watch live television on one of the screens inside the orange Ziggo columns, or your attraction will be caught by the 3×3 55″ videowall which is placed against the back wall. Audio can be transmitted via the central music system and is only audible in the back of the store via the speakers in the ceiling.

This store distinguishes itself through both (personal) service and relaxation, which makes the customers feel comfortable, resulting in a longer stay in the store.

Content in 4K UHD as the new standard

Remarkable is that almost all digital screens play the content with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels (4K UHD). The screens are created for commercial use and are therefore guaranteed of a long lifespan while they can be used daily (16/7 or 24/7). Each screen is individually controlled by a DooH media player. The DooH DMP-X6 is powerful enough to play high-resolution video materials. Since the screens in the store are built-in into a custom-made unit, all according to VodafoneZiggo’s Global Shop Concept, the media players can be concealed invisibly. All media players across the entire network can be controlled and monitored remotely, thereby fully unburdening VodafoneZiggo.

VodafoneZiggo proves that retail is alive and kicking! Want to see for yourself?

Kalverstraat 60-62
1012 PG Amsterdam

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