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Involving employees in narrowcasting

Jumbo is a Dutch supermarket chain. It is the department of internal communication’s task to ensure that over 600 stores and 60.000 employees become part of the Jumbo family.

The situation: strengthen the Jumbo-family

Between 2005 and 2012 Jumbo grew, partly because of the acquisition of the supermarket chains Super de Boer and C1000, into the second largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. Because of the enormous size of the team and the amount of stores spread across the country, it is important to be able to communicate internally and with the head office.

The challenge: reach all employees

New generations do not read magazines and are screen-oriented. That is why Jumbo has initiated the internal communication channel JumboTV. Through narrowcasting, internal messages are communicated to television screens, ranging from changes in collective agreements to information about products and the latest television commercials. The biggest challenge lies in using a strict planning and the correct content to reach as many employees as possible.

The solution: channel management

DooH helps Jumbo to involve employees with a complete set of services: from the installation of screens to advice, creation of content, channel management and network operation & maintenance. Stores can decide for themselves what they will broadcast and they can add content which is relevant to them.
The result? A more effective communication between Jumbo employees. Not only can messages be conveyed faster, but they can also be formulated correctly.

The cooperation: innovate and develop

DooH does not only deliver the service we request, but the DooH team also contributes to the process of innovation and development. For example, we discuss which differences exist between a message to an employee and a message to a customer and how this is translated into the content. Being able to exchange ideas and innovate together is highly valuable.
Nico Wieringa (Buyer indirect spend, Jumbo)

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