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Same business day support

OOHA Media exploits digital out-of-home advertising. The large motorway billboards that show Digital out of Home advertising, are placed at prominent sites along motorways and have a large reach.

The situation: to look after commercial interests

OOHA Media was looking for a new supplier and ended up at DooH Solutions & Services. As an operator OOHA Media needs a partner who can provide digital signage software in order to actually run the sold advertisements via an advanced campaign planning on the large screens. The commercial interests are large, thus the screens along the major thoroughfares have to be broadcast 24 hours a day and cannot go offline.

The challenge: run Broadsign

This involves enormous screens, varying from 50 to 150 square metres. It is important that these screens are controlled properly. This is made possible with the use of Broadsign software, which acts perfectly in line with the wishes of OOHA Media. Being the Broadsign specialist, it is DooH’s task to ensure proper functioning of the software and connectivity. The mediaplayers and routers which DooH has engineered ensure an optimal performance of Broadsign and Broadsign Reach (the programme platform of Broadsign).

The solution: same business day support

DooH delivers same-day-business support according to OOHA Media’s wishes. OOHA Media monitors the screens from a distance through live cameras. If anything is amiss, they can contact DooH immediately. Through active monitoring of the network, proactive response to breakdowns, and remote support, problems are solved as fast as possible.

The cooperation: a dedicated contact person

DooH has a good support department, which is really convenient. We have a contact person within the company who is always very much involved in everything and who always knows what is going on. Even if we call to the general phone number, our contact is always informed. The good thing is, our contact is not really a salesperson, but more like a project manager who supports you.”
Kim van den Broek (general director OOHA Media)

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