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Unburdening AAA-locations

Ocean NL is a specialist in the field of Digital Out of Home. With screens on unique AAA-locations spread throughout the country, they offer content and sales of advertisements in outdoor digital media and take care of its exploitation.

The situation: the quest for a partner

Ocean NL exploits large digital screens that need to be controlled. The correct content needs to be shown on the right screens. These could be screens along the motorways, but also led-screens in several retail centres, public city squares and screen in and near railway stations.
Searching for a partner who could take care of the content management system and its customised operations as well as service and maintenance, Ocean NL came into contact with DooH Solutions & Service.

The challenge

Ocean NL’s core business revolves around offering and selling advertising space on their locations. That is why it is pivotal for the company that whatever is sold, is in fact displayed. Surely, that is what they promise their customers. DooH offers a solution that allows them to keep their promise and to monitor the ad space accurately.

The solution: unburden technologically

Ocean NL’s network has grown fast. DooH provides for this and unburdens technologically. Through the platform Broadsign the content is put in place by DooH. The SLA differs per screen and is completely catered to the location’s requirements. As a partner DooH thinks along about varying topics ranging from developing custom feeds to activating live streams. Also when for example the Dutch football team plays, DooH supports a live stream.
Next to that, Ocean NL can retrieve reports from the system in order to show their customers. And if anything goes wrong? Then DooH can help them technologically from a distance. DooH’s team can make adjustments directly and will even drive up to the location if necessary.

The cooperation: joined forces

Our cooperation was pleasant right from the start. DooH is truly service-minded and always keeps their appointments. They know exactly what is going on and they are really good at what they do. We as companies have grown together. We each have our own area of expertise through which we strengthen each other. That they also work with our competitors poses no problems. In our eyes, DooH is thé specialist in the field of Broadsign. Stan Thijssen (Founder of Ngage Media, now part of Ocean Outdoor Nederland)

The following services and applications are discussed in this case:

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