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Strategic digital signage consultancy

If used right, digital signage can be a powerful means of communication. More than ten years in the business, DooH has gained a lot of expertise and knows how to use the full potential of digital signage. Whether you are looking for the most suitable digital signage software or hardware, a digital signage network that fits your needs or the most effective way to shape your content, DooH’s digital signage consultants help you to find the best solution.

Advice about your digital signage network

As a full-service Digital Out of Home specialist, we have extensive experience in developing, installing and managing digital signage networks throughout Europe. Our digital signage experts have specialist knowledge and are happy to share it with you to help you achieve your goals. They can give you advice on the design or expansion of your signage network and other strategic matters. As your Out of Home consultant, we translate your objectives into an efficiently organized signage network that allows you to optimally serve your advertisers. At the same time, we manage, guide and monitor the entire process, from start to finish. Wondering how we helped others achieve great results? View our cases page.

Our consultancy approach: complete and result-driven

Our approach of digital signage consultancy is all-encompassing and aimed at achieving your goals. When we start to work with you, we first take a look at your existing network or the outlines of your planned network. In our advice, we also take factors like the audience’s viewing direction, the size of the screens and the expected audience numbers into account. Another important factor is ambient light, which tends to be stronger outside than indoors. Based on all this information, we give you a detailed advice on the placement or expansion of your digital signage network and the most suitable hardware and software to use. If you decide, based on our consultancy, to install or expand your network, we can also help you with the installation, management, maintenance and support of your network.

Tailored signage advice for every industry

Every digital signage problem demands a tailored solution. Customization is key if you want to organize your network optimally. Our consultants have extensive experience in various industries, including retail, hospitality, education, sports, healthcare, business and OOHA. Together, we determine an action plan and discuss the concrete actions. We advise on the best hardware and software solutions and the ideal network. Additionally, we can develop a content marketing strategy, in which we further develop content and branding aspects.

Masters in Digital Signage

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