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We help you with your digital signage content

The quality of your content is crucial for the success of your digital signage campaign. We believe that content for narrowcasting, in-store communication and outdoor advertising can only realize its full potential if you treat it as an integral part of your content strategy. Our creative content team is specialized in the creation of digital signage content, and knows how to get most out of this medium. We are happy to give you strategic advice on creating effective content, and can create various forms of digital signage content for you.

The success of digital signage content depends on a good strategy

Whether it is an old-fashioned brochure or a digital screen: your campaign will only be effective if it gets noticed, appeals and seduces. This, however, is not so easy. That is why our consultants are happy to provide you with strategic content advice for your digital signage systems. We help you to translate your message into a strategy and digital signage content idea that unlocks the full potential of the medium. This help, helps you to inform and activate the people you want. Only then, does the content do what it is supposed to do: helps you to achieve your goals.

Digital signage content made quick and easy with HTML5

You know what your message is, who you want to reach and what you want your audience to do with that information. The biggest challenge is to translate those ideas into a digital signage message. Therefore, we are happy to help you create an attractive and effective digital signage design. With over a decade of experience in both content creation and digital signage, we have grown into digital signage and narrowcasting design experts. Most of our digital signage designs are made in HTML5, an online tool that allows you to create and render high-quality content directly rendered in your browser. This makes HTML5 ideal for displaying content on digital screens. HTML5 has quickly become the new standard in digital signage design. We can develop HTML5 content templates or create various graphic elements. Our graphics, XML feeds and digital signage videos are inspiring and fully in line with your corporate identity.

Discover the power of channel management

Once you have created effective and high-quality content, you want to reach the right people at the right moment. Channel management is an easy and effective way to reach your goals. Channel management enables you to plan and manage all your content with a content management system. You simply upload and schedule your messages in your CMS, and they can be displayed in seconds. You determine how often, on which objects and in which region the content appears, and it is recurring or one-off. Another possibility is to entrust your channel management entirely to us. A specialized channel manager will optimize your content planning and ensure that your content is shown to the right people at the right time.

Masters in Digital Signage

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