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Reliable digital signage hardware

We supply highly reliable digital signage hardware to help you achieve your communication goals. With the highest demands in terms of performance and durability, our experts have selected some of the finest digital equipment for digital signage equipment. This has resulted in a broad, versatile and high quality product range, including screens from trusted brands like Samsung and Dynascan, as well as our own DooH media players. With our stable hardware solutions, maximum uptime is ensured.

Trouble-free digital signage hardware for indoor and outdoor use

Your content should always be broadcast as scheduled, without any malfunctions. Whether it is narrowcasting, in-store communication or outdoor advertising, you want to count on a stable and user-friendly system. That is why we supply integrated digital signage and narrowcasting systems that offer maximum uptime. In addition, we also take care of the installation, maintenance and management in-house, and remain fully responsible for the end product. This allows us to act quickly when there is a problem or failure. Additionally, we only integrate the best digital signage hardware from trusted brands in our hardware systems. As a result, our hardware solutions are known for their long and trouble-free lifespan by our clients across Europe.

Tailored hardware solutions

All our digital signage hardware systems consist of at least one screen and a media player. We have a wide range of screens and media players. Here is a small overview of the options:

  • We supply professional digital indoor screens for indoor locations and digital outdoor screens for outdoor use. We also supply bright semi-outdoor screens that remain visible even in full sun. Besides these options, you can have a broad choice in LED, LCD, Full HD, UHD / 4K screens.
  • We offer screens that are built to run 24/7. Besides that, we supply screens that are made to run only at certain times, such as the opening hours of shops. This helps you save money and energy.
  • We supply media players that meet the highest requirements. All our media players are robust and stable, and load quickly, enabling you to broadcast your content without any problems.

In addition to high-quality screens and media players, we supply all other hardware a Digital Out of Home system needs to function properly: wall brackets, cooling installations and routers. We also supply all necessary hardware to monitor your system, including cameras and sensors, as well as various parts for dedicated applications.

Masters in Digital Signage

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