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Professional digital signage installation

If you are looking for a digital signage company to install your system in an optimized way, look no further. Our SCC-certified engineers are highly experienced and technically skilled. This means the installation of your Digital out of Home network is carried out in the most professional way, and you can count on a highly stable digital signage system with optimal uptime.

The digital signage installation process

As a full-service digital signage specialist, we take care of your digital signage process from start to finish. With more than a decade of experience, we guarantee that all steps of the complex installation process are harmonized and the end product fully meets your expectations — whether it is the installation of a single screen or a large-scale digital signage network throughout Europe. Thanks to our extensive network of local engineers across Europe, there is always an experienced engineer near you. Next to the installation of digital signage networks, you can also contact us if you want to expand or take over an existing network.

What does the installation of your digital signage network look like?

In the first phase, your IT Project Manager will guide you through all the steps of the digital signage installation process, so you know exactly what to expect. After your approval, we deliver, install and link the digital signage hardware of your choice together. Then, our support staff will set up the software and extensively test your network. This does not mean, however, that the digital signage installation is completed. The installation of signage networks often is a long-term process, that continues as networks are expanded and changed. As your network grows, our installation services grow with you. Thanks to the modular design of our networks, your network remains highly scalable. When a new network is completed, we will give you a training to familiarize you with the software and give you insight into all the possibilities and applications. We take the installation of your digital signage system very seriously and are only satisfied when you are.

Supplying the most stable network is our basic principle

The digital signage networks we install and manage are characterized by an unmatched stability and a high level of scalability. To minimize the risk of failure, we monitor networks remotely from our Network Operating Center. This allows us to solve most malfunctions remotely. If on-site support is required, our local technicians will be on site quickly. We offer management and support throughout Europe. Our starting point is to realize optimal uptime and provide you with the most stable digital signage solution.

Masters in Digital Signage

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