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Offer targeted advertising space with programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is an efficient, automated way to offer advertising space on digital signage channels to advertisers. This is convenient for you as a network operator, but has various advantages for advertisers as well. Programmatic advertising allows advertisers, for instance, to approach their intended audience in a more targeted manner. Besides that, it enables them to monitor their advertisements directly. Thanks to the programmatic advertising software we provide, you and your advertisers can profit from the benefits programmatic Digital Out of Home advertising.

What is programmatic advertising?

According to the most common definition, programmatic advertising is an automated way of buying and selling advertising space. Advertisers purchase advertising space based on criteria they define upfront. This gives them the opportunity to show specific messages to their intended public, in a specific context. Another advantage of programmatic advertising is that current campaigns can be directly monitored and optimized. Thanks to its automated nature and pre-set conditions, programmatic advertising is a very easy and effective way of advertising: when certain criteria are met with, only then is the ad purchased and shown.

Programmatic advertising explained

As an operator, you use a Supply-Side Platform (SSP) to determine how much advertising space you offer to your advertisers. This can be your complete digital signage network, but also a selected part of your screens. Your advertisers manage their advertising campaigns via a Demand-Side Platform (DSP). The DSP makes it possible to manage campaigns based on specific factors such as time, location, a predetermined price, the weather or current news. Advertisers can anticipate on these factors with targeted and specific messages, which is likely to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. The targeted nature of programmatic advertising makes it ideal for local or regional advertisers.

Match supply and demand

Programmatic advertising matches the advertising space you have available with your customers’ advertising preferences in a fully automated way. Supply and demand are matched when an advertiser’s predetermined preferences are met with. If the demand exceeds the supply, the advertising space is sold through an automated bidding system. As an operator you earn more when the demand is high, while your advertisers never pay more than they decided upfront. We supply programmatic advertising software for your digital signage system and are happy to help you set up your programmatic advertising environment.

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