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User-friendly digital signage software solutions

The right software is key to running an effective digital signage campaign. We supply advanced software with a user-friendly content management system (CMS). This digital signage platform allows you to manage, plan, automate and scale up your campaigns. We deliver digital signage software solutions for every application, which can often be expanded with smart extensions. Our experienced consultants gladly advise you on the right Digital out of Home software for your network.

Digital signage and video wall software with endless possibilities

We offer various software solutions to manage your screens and video walls. Our digital signage CMS is powerful and versatile but is easy to use after a software training by one of our experts. The software can be used both centrally and locally, and on multiple devices. This makes it possible, for instance, to manage a network of video walls on the other side of the world from behind your desk. The digital signage software packages we supply come with a planning tool that allows you to decide which content is displayed at what time and on which screens. Thanks to smart functionalities such as programmatic buying, you can automatically sell your advertising space to the highest bidder. Our programmatic buying software also offers advertisers the possibility to reach their target group in very specific ways. This is because advertising space can be bought based on a number of predefined criteria.

Discover the convenience of channel management

When you buy digital signage software, we are happy to help you set up and install the CMS to manage your content. Another possibility is to let us do the entire channel management. Your DooH channel manager will ensure that your content is shown at the places and moments that you have specified.

Offer certainty with audience measurement software

Data is crucial for your advertisers to determine whether a campaign is successful or not. Online audiences are easy to measure with cookies and other specific tools but measuring the exact audience numbers for Digital Out of Home advertising is somewhat complicated. That is why we offer specific audience measurement software that can be linked to sensors or cameras to accurately calculate the number of impressions. This offers your advertisers the hard data they want to set up and evaluate their digital signage campaigns.

Choose the Digital out of Home software solution that suits you

In order to meet the specific wishes of all of our customers across various industries, we use various software solutions and industry standards. For more information about the various options, please contact us.

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