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Proactive and flexible digital signage service and support

At DooH, we believe that digital signage services go beyond developing a network. We offer total solutions: besides network design and installation, we are committed to keeping your digital signage network stable, scalable and modular. In order to achieve this, we have an extensive service and support team that consists of experienced and certified engineers who are available 24/7. Our aim is to deliver digital signage services that exceeds your expectations.

Efficient signage support with remote monitoring

To deliver the most efficient digital signage service, we remotely monitor your digital signage and narrowcasting networks. This ensures continuity and stability, and minimizes the chance of failure. From our Network Operating Center (NOC), our experienced engineers can provide remote support 24/7 and have a live overview of what is displayed on your screens. Thanks to active monitoring, our support staff often notices failures before our clients do. This means that when you discover a malfunction, we are already working on it.

Always a signage service near you

In the unlikely event of an emergency that we have not yet noticed ourselves, you can contact us 24/7. Problems can often be solved remotely, but if necessary we can also visit you on on-site. Thanks to our extensive network of certified technicians, we can offer digital signage support throughout Europe. This means there is always a signage repair service near you. Our service technicians will be on site quickly to solve your problems in a quick and adequate way.

Know what to expect with a Service Level Agreement

We are well known for the quality of our service. Not just because we adequately fix problems, but also because our customers know that they can count on us. We always record our agreements about digital signage service in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). In these SLA’s we describe exactly which services, repairs and guarantees you can expect from us.

Advantages of our signage service and repair

  • Active monitoring and problem solving from our Network Operating Center. This allows for possible faults to be noticed quickly and fixed remotely
  • Large network of qualified technicians who can provide on-site support quickly throughout Europe
  • Clear agreements, recorded in a Service Level Agreement

Can we help you?

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