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Digital signage for business

Digital signage and narrowcasting are a great way to enhance the corporate communication of your business. Communicating via screens is a great way to inform and engage visitors, potential customers and your own employees. Curious how digital signage can improve the internal and external communication of your company? Read more about our corporate digital signage solutions.

Optimize your corporate communication with digital signage

Corporate communication shapes your company’s identity for both the outside world and your employees. Digital signage and narrowcasting can play an important role in your corporate communication. You can, for instance, apply a narrowcasting solution in publicly accessible spaces like the central reception or in more restricted parts of the company, such as the canteen or near work spaces. Depending on the location, you can display specific information. Narrowcasting can be compared to having your own television channel for your company. Templates can be used to display company information in the style of your corporate identity, without needing extensive technical knowledge.

The possibilities of digital signage for your business

  • Welcome your customers by naming them by name on a digital screen. Display the time and location of their appointment and the person they are going to meet. This will make them feel at ease.
  • Inform visitors or customers with (new) products or services from your company. Use splashing product videos, commercials or just plain text.
  • Congratulate your personnel with birthdays or work anniversaries. Use the narrowcasting system as an internal newsletter to inform your employees.
  • Report news from the head office to your employees in another location.
  • Use RSS or HTML5 content to display news, stock market information or public transport travel information on the screens. This makes waiting more enjoyable.
  • Use your screens to indicate which meeting rooms have been booked.

Tailored digital signage solutions: from small business to large corporation

Every company has its own wishes and demands. That is why we always offer tailor-made solutions. We can help you with a massive video wall in your central hall, or with a single screen at your reception. We always try to find the solution that best fits your business and helps you get your corporate message across in the best possible way. In addition to digital signage hardware, software, maintenance & support, we also offer help with the creation of content and the development of templates.

Masters in Digital Signage

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