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Digital signage for schools and higher education

More and more schools and higher education institutions discover the convenience of digital signage. For schools and teachers, digital screens are a highly efficient and effective way to inform and communicate with students. When a room is changed or a teacher is reported sick, these announcements can be directly displayed in the main hall, auditorium or canteen. Other content, such as an event calendar or the digital school newspaper can be broadcasted on the internal television channel to keep students informed and inspired. It is even possible to create a separate channel for teachers, where decisions from the parents’ council and other relevant developments can be shown.

Create your own television channel to improve internal communication at your school

  • Instantly show schedule changes to manage student flow as efficiently as possible
  • Inform students directly and optimally when a class is cancelled or rooms have changed
  • Show the current product range with corresponding prices in the canteen
  • Link the weather forecast or the current public transport travel information to your screens as a service for your students
  • Inform teachers by displaying the internal newsletter on a screen in the staff room

Narrowcasting in primary school

Even primary schools can benefit from the advantages of narrowcasting. It is possible, for instance, to inform parents with general messages for the entire school or group information on screens in the classrooms. These messages can include activities or the announcement of periodic interviews. It is also an effective way to ask parents for help, or to make ad hoc reports about, for example, head lice in a group.

Tailored digital signage solutions for education

Every school and institution is unique. If you decide to start using digital signage for educational purposes, we oversee the entire process from start to finish. We start with an advice about the optimal placement of your screens. This may be outside, in the central hall or in the classrooms. Then we provide fitting hardware and software solutions, and help you to create content that gets noticed, but does not distract the students too much. Needless to say, we also take care of the installation and maintenance of your system.

Masters in Digital Signage

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