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Digital solutions for Out of Home and outdoor advertising suppliers

Outdoor advertising, also known as out of home advertising (OOHA), is changing at a rapid pace. For a long time, paper posters and signs have been the most prominent forms of outdoor advertising. At the moment, however, paper is quickly being replaced by digital forms of advertising. Just look at train stations and bus stops, where paper posters make way for dynamic digital displays, or look at the massive LED screens along highways. Do you want to join this trend and stay ahead of the competition? If so, we are ready to help you with the digitization of your outdoor advertising network.

Help your clients to reach specific audiences

The digitalization of outdoor advertising allows you to offer your advertisers more targeted forms of advertising. For example: a digital billboard along the highway can display different advertising campaigns during rush hour than during the day or weekends. This means a break from traditional billboards, which show the same message for a longer period of time. These targeted advertising campaigns can also be applied in public transport and at petrol stations.

Make Out of Home advertising adjustable and measurable

Audience measurement is a technique that counts the number of people in a specific radius around a digital object. This allows advertisers to see how many people are exposed to a certain out of home advertisement at a certain time, and how effective it is. In response to the data, advertisers can quickly change their advertisement, or adapt it to specific conditions. When it rains for example, it can show a different message than when it is sunny and hot. The insights provided by audience measurement can also show which factors contribute to a successful out of home advertising campaign.

Examples of outdoor advertising

  • Digital highway advertising, such as LED advertising masts. The surface of these large LED screens go up to 200 m2!
  • Digital light pole advertisement for outdoor advertising on local roads, on lampposts or other street furniture
  • Bus shelters and billboards on the street, often within municipal boundaries to replace poster advertising
  • Digital objects on the platforms train stations or large screens in the station halls
  • Digital objects and LED screens in shopping malls and other (semi-) public indoor spaces

Let us take care of your network, large or small

From a single digital mast along the highway or support for tens or thousands of objects throughout Europe, we are happy to advise you on your network. Additionally, we offer on-site support for installations and calamities. Do you prefer to start small? We will gladly grow along with you!

Masters in Digital Signage

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