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Digital signage solutions for retail

More and more retailers are discovering the power of digital signage, for a good reason, because research shows that digital screens often lead to more potential customers and more sales. Good content is even more noticeable on a digital display. Therefore, digital screens are very efficient to inform customers about special offers and new additions to the collection. Do you want to bring more attention to your products, services and offers? Then discover our smart digital signage solutions for retail.

Discover our digital signage services for retail

Just like in other industries, the possibilities of Digital out of Home solutions in retail are limitless. A supermarket, for instance, can deploy digital signage to inform customers about special offers. Specialized retailers, on the other hand, can use narrowcasting to draw attention to one unique product that cannot be found elsewhere. No matter how you want to deploy digital signage in retail, our digital signage solutions help you to communicate with your customers in a professional, contemporary and eye-catching way.

Possibilities and benefits of digital signage in your store

  • Keep your customers informed about the latest promotions and offers. Always in a professional manner, with the look and feel of your corporate identity.
  • Connect your social media channels to our digital signage solutions and show your most current Facebook, Twitter and Instagram messages via RSS feeds. This will result in a varied mix of current information and fun posts.
  • Show branded content in your store in order to create a feeling and experience around your brand and products. This enhances the shopping experience.
  • Display interesting and varied content in your store, to make waiting at the checkout more pleasant. Your customers will be more satisfied.
  • Promote products at tactical locations. A smart way of communicating that will instantly increase sales.

Narrowcasting for internal communication

Digital signage is not only a great way to communicate with your customers, but can also be used for efficient internal communication. Narrowcasting, a form of broadcasting for a select audience, is a great way to keep your staff informed about the latest developments, changes and guidelines in your company. Place a digital screen in the canteen or another staff room and start producing content for your employees.

Discover our tailor-made digital signage solutions for retail

We take care of the implementation of digital signage in your store(s), so you can focus on your retail business. Together, we can create an action plan and discuss the most efficient way to deploy digital signage in your store. We provide come up with a strategy and content ideas that fit in your marketing strategy. As your one stop shop for Digital Out of Home applications, we can take care of the development, roll out, optimization and maintenance of your system.

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