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Narrowcasting: the opposite of broadcasting

According to the most common definition, narrowcasting is a form of communication with digital screens that is characterized by a limited and selected audience. It can thus be viewed as the opposite of broadcasting, which usually aims for the widest possible audience. Narrowcasting does not reach mass audiences, but targets specific groups at specific locations. You can see it as having your own television channel with a select group of viewers. With over 10 years’ experience in developing, installing and managing narrowcasting networks, we gladly help you set up your narrowcasting system.

Reach your target audience with narrowcasting

Narrowcasting, a form of digital signage, is a modern way of communicating with your (potential) customers and staff. By showing alternating or animated content on your screens, you can inform and activate your target group. Whether you want to welcome your visitors, show them special promotions or keep your employees up to date: narrowcasting allows you to transmit your message via your own television channel in a clear and effective way.

Examples of narrowcasting

Almost everything that can be displayed on a computer screen, can be shown on a narrowcasting screen. Examples thereof include photo and video material, animations, templates with text and / or images, content based on RSS feeds or complete websites. Examples of narrowcasting can be seen in shops, supermarkets, canteens, public transport, restaurants, waiting areas, at petrol stations and on buildings.

Thanks to ongoing innovation in the development of digital screens, the applications of narrowcasting keep growing. From regular LCD screens and billboards to digital illuminated newspapers, touchscreens, LED walls and interactive applications. We are happy to provide an innovative solution for your narrowcasting needs.

Complete narrowcasting solutions

We oversee the entire narrowcasting process: from advice about hardware and software to the installation, management and optimization of your network and content advice. Whether you are interested in just a few screens or a complex network of hundreds, we are here to help you. With extensive experience in diverse industries, we can help you find the best solution for your situation.

How does narrowcasting work?

Your narrowcasting network is connected to a media player. This media player with narrowcasting software communicates with a server where content is retrieved at predetermined times. After a training by one of our experts, you can easily operate the software on multiple devices, both centrally and locally.

Our narrowcasting software makes it easy to manage and display your own content on the screens. If you want to focus on other things, you can also leave the content creation, management and planning to us. It is up to you!

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