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Increase the possibilities of outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is a very efficient way for advertisers to reach a large audience in a short period of time. In recent years, the world of outdoor advertising has undergone a transformation, and shifted from paper billboards to digital screens. Ten years in the business, we are pioneers in the development of Digital out of Home solutions and have become a full-service digital outdoor advertising specialist. This means we provide excellent service and support in developing, installing and managing your digital outdoor advertising network.

Digital outdoor advertising makes a message noticeable

The advertising world is constantly evolving and advertisers are increasingly struggling to stand out from the competition. Digital outdoor advertising, a form of digital signage, is an effective way to get notice and communicate a message. Digital outdoor billboards with moving images have a high attention value and give advertisers the opportunity to respond to current events. It allows them to show specific content at specific hours and adapt it whenever they want — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As more and more advertisers seek to use the power of outdoor digital advertising, this is the perfect moment for operators to digitize their outdoor advertising networks.

Let your clients benefit from the power of digital outdoor advertising

The digital outdoor advertising networks we design and develop allows your clients to target specific groups with dynamic, up to date information. Among a number of other possibilities, our digital solutions can be used for the following types of outdoor advertising, helping your advertisers to reach thousands of passers-by, commuters and motorists every day:

  • Digital light tower advertisement
  • Advertising in public transport
  • Advertising along highways
  • Advertising in and around petrol stations

Masters in Digital Signage

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